Ceremony Sound

This is the very moment that you have been dreaming of… gazing into your best friend’s eyes… the warm tropical sun on your face… the cool ocean breeze in your hair… the slightest aroma of salt in the air from the gentle ocean mist… about to say some of the most important words of your LIFE. You can make sure that your family & friends will hear every one of those words clearly with our ceremony sound services. They will feel as if they are standing right next to you thanks to our ultra-discreet microphones and sound systems, all while never taking away from the look that you have been envisioning for your big day.

So… What is this and do I need it for my wedding?

Our Ceremony Sound & Music Service consists of two parts… the first part is playing music (that you choose) as your guests arrive and sit (prelude), your walk down the aisle (processional) and your walk back up the aisle as a married couple (recessional)!!!  The second part is broadcasting your vows so your guests can hear them, by placing discreet wireless microphones on your officiant and the groom.

We highly recommend having this service if you have parties of 20 or more.  Once you get to that third row of seats it can be very difficult to hear what’s going on and truthfully, it’s pretty awkward… specially if it’s a windy day with big sets of waves crashing on the shore.

Well… what if we have two grooms or no grooms at all?

Easy!  We’ve been part of many same-sex weddings and we either place a wireless microphone on both grooms or on one of the brides, if she’s wearing a shirt/suit.  If both brides are wearing dresses it a little tougher (since there are no pockets or a belt on wedding dresses) so we have the officiant hold a wireless handheld microphone for you.  Either way, we guarantee that your guests will hear every word 🙂

We want live music for our ceremony… how does that work?

No problem!  We do this all the time too and it’s really simple.  They can just plug right in to our audio mixer and we’ll make them sound great!  We coordinate with them prior to make sure that we have what they need (microphone/stand, cables, etc.).  You can also book the musician through us to make things even simpler.